Friday, 1 February 2013

Sadasiva temple,Nuggehalli

The Sadasiva temple is another interesting temple in Nuggehalli town. It is a fine example of Hoysala nagara style of architecture with Bhumija type superstructure. It was also built by Bommanna Dandanayaka in 1249 AD.

This is an unusual Hoysala temple built in the ekakuta architecture with nagara (north Indian) styled tower. The walls of the shrine and the mantapa are severe looking as there is no sculptural decoration. Yet this temple is considered important from the architecture point of view. The temple is built on a jagati (platform) and Soapstone (or green–chloritic schist) is the material used. The temple has a large "linga" (the universal symbol of the god Shiva) in its sanctum and an equally large and extremely well carved Nandi in a closed hall whose walls have perforated stone windows. Also unique about this temple is one of its kind life-size standing image of the goddess Parvati (consort of Shiva). The unique images of the navagraha (lit, "nine planets"), facing each other is another unique feature to be noted. There are two images of the god Ganesha (son of Shiva), one outside the sanctum and the other at the entrance to the sanctum housing the goddess Parvati. In the common hall are the intricately carved independent images (not in frieze) of deities from the Hindu pantheon that are noteworthy; Chamundeshwari (the devine mother), Subramanya (a son of Shiva), Ganesha, Kala Bhairava (a version of Shiva), a set of images depicting the different incarnations (avatars) of Parvati, and Surya Narayana (a version of the god Vishnu).
 It is located on the Tiptur-Channarayapatna state highway and is about 50 km from Hassan city. It is well connected by road with Bangalore.

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